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    May 12, 2013
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[captioning made possible by nbc universal] >> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can you.r >> tear down this wall. >> i can hear you! come! time has change for chris: tomorrow it's still barack obama's time but republicans are focusing on hillary clinton in 2016. us, especially women my age, find it hard to think of what it would be like to have a as first lady, but as head of state, chief executive and commander-in-chief. already, hillary's time at secretary of state is getting a legions of menas and women say it's her turn. did we do it right? this show back at how called hillary's last run for president. were we smart? were we? did we see how newcomer barack
would edge her out. twixters, kids under 30. great.l think they're how's that positive feeling working out for them. i'm chris matthews and welcome to the show. with us today, howard fineman with "the huffington post," news,o'donnell with nbc s.e. cupp with msnbc and joe klein with "time magazine." up, hillary clinton's in the news and that brings up her future presidential plans. to decide whether or not to make it official to run again. howard, this is the great question. do you expect her to run? >> i do, no doubt. chris: kelly? that way. chris: what a perfectly careful comment. absolutely. chris: that's what i like. >> yeah, if her health is fine. chris: and your concern about her health? >> i don't know. period. through a tough i think she needed a lot of rest but if she's rested, she's
running. and howard, you were here on this show, we're looking back and looking forward at the time, along with andrea mitchell was here. it was just before the iowa caucus, five years ago in 2008, ended up losing the iowa caucuses to barack most didn't expect but here's how we looked at it ahead of that time on our show weekend before the 2008 iowa caucasian. >> howard, you're fresh in from iowa, spent lots of time out there. which way's the trend going? >> i can show you the literature. this is hillary's final pitch in the mail and at the events. says "ready" because the polls show that's her main advantage. >> i think on the merits hillary clinton has run the most campaign.e unfortunately, she comes attached to her own portable think that in the end that's the biggest decision
have tore going to make. chris: what's the circus she brings in? >> her husband, the history of years, the slew of republicans who are salivating at the prospect of running against her. yet the circus, as joe calls it, if hillary's going to survive in iowa, it's the circus that's going to save her among the democrats. campaignbill clinton in iowa for his wife was amazing. >> that is not going to be enough. chris: howard had a good point because it was clinton coming in campaign tight right through but you were correct in the early going which being decisive, all that apparatus, wasn't enough to kid on the block who seemed like it was his time. >> obama had this incredible organization of young people who were stationed in each of the towns in iowa. best iowabably the organization i've ever seen and grass -- he was a better roots kind of candidate at that point. she later became, when it was
late, a really good candidate. chris: there are two factors i seemser, five years ago, like a long time ago, she was sort of still with the iraq war. she wouldn't take it back. guy was clearly against it from day one, like we wast heard of him he against the war and she was selling experience and the clinton thing. look, it's a different time, people have had the new kid on the block, time with more vintage. >> the threshold then for a candidate at a time of war was that thatcher-esque iron lady, would she be tough. she couldn't back away. a lot of time has passed, she's been secretary of state, she every world leader at the head of state and min ministerial level, an advantage no one else has. applyequirement doesn't next time around. >> in 2008, people wanted a change candidate and she couldn't be one. the brilliance of hillary clinton 2016 is she can run as
candidateperienced and change candidate. that she'sf the fact a woman, she will bring that change. chris: it always seems to be because you have that thatcher model and you have than a tough person more man can, clearly the john wayne role here, i think she's going asking you, i'm does she have to appear a notch or so to the right of obama on foreign policy? to the right? clearly to the right? >> it's almost moot because she, with in the white house. is hereign policy foreign policy. >> looking back on that tape, first of all, my glasses are much nicer now. show: we can do a whole but go ahead. >> looking back on it, it's clear and what joe says is inht, the kids on the ground iowa were the metaphor for what wanted at that time and hillary was in the position of insider establishment candidate at a time after george w. bush had kind of
wrecked thef th establishment of any kind and obama the inside edge. chris: let's go forward. around hillary's in a different position. now experience counts for more. chris: because? >> certainly for the nomination? chris: because obama seems like he didn't have enough? yes, but also, they made a decision at that point that a the people in hillary land really regret. they went with experience rather than the notion of change. hey, he isn't the only change candidate, i'm a woman, and she did that. this time, everybody knows that she's one of the most we'veenced candidates ever had running for president, she practically doesn't have to say it. >> i'm going to emphasize different values. think she's going to have a similar problem in the mood that if the current about washington holds up, if the current mood about
to all establishment holds up especially among younger people, then she's got problem all over again but she's going to have to deal differently. chris: my hunch is the clinton appeal isn't superstar foreign policy. the nominationst to obama but she got new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, new jersey, indiana, california, because the clintons have that connection to regular working democrats. and it's enduring. chris: and that gets beyond otherzi and all that stuff. >> what you're talking about will still connect and in fact becausee enhanced a bit there's a nostalgia and a certain emotional, she waited turn, she was a good soldier. >> yeah. >> i do think people are sick of aloof. if they're going to be reacting to anything, it's going to be reacting against aloof. had a choice between aloof and aloof in the last election. >> she's ctainly not going to
an ad sitting in the sunroom of her home. weird there's a disconnect. you go to an old folk's this countrye in and there's one guy there. he's very funny and everybody only one but there's guy. he's got big ears. age.l talk about hillary's she'll be 69 election day 2016. i think it's a pick. you can go either way. say she's too old or don't even think about it. you may be the youngest person here. do you think that's something people in your generation will somebody's 69 running for president, they'll run a second time when they're and serve until they're 77. does that bother people? >> i don't think the age thing hillary'se of the biggest challenges whether you're my age or your age. a problem for you? >> not a problem. you?: how about for >> who she's running against?
somewhat54-year-old overweight guy. >> by then he might be thin. guy from a nasty texas. we don't know who she's going to run against. >> it's going to depend in part joe said in answer to dependst question, it upon her health. >> and stamina. it is the most grueling process. chris: my question, the guy who runs against her, assuming it's a guy, could be a woman, guy, i think he must never let anybody on his team ever attack her personally. to apologize have for every attack so it's not on his record. take a shot at hillary clinton, you give her the advantage and yourself the disadvantage. that she's female but a willingness on her part that hit back that's powerful. she knows how. she has experience and has perfected the rebound. whoeveralmost foresee the nominee is having to fire an tweeting something unflattering towards hillary clinton. learned
>> you're nice enough, hillary, much trouble. jab, justn't an angry a condescending jab. it is a toxic place to go with her. you're right, anyone who does it does it at their peril. warn them all now. chris: mother's day is about letting your mother know that she made you who you are today but for many of our presidents been true forhave them. if you read about bill clinton's mother, virginia, you know like f.d.r.'s mother, she empowered utterth her complete and belief that he could go anywhere, in this case, from a and here shehope was on "the today show" during the democratic convention in 1992. almost question is ludicrous to ask because you, after all, are his mother. why do you think bill clinton would be a good president? >> he cares. cares.
and you know people laugh about, a mother, but who knows you better than your mother. chris: many other presidents had tough mothers. barack obama talks about his mother getting him up at to do his homework every day and some of them loved down a notch.sons carter.. lillian >> your mother put you in your place early on when she said one innot the smartest the family. >> she's always said billy was the smartest and when i was of -- pennsylvania avenue after the inauguration, going to the white house for the first time, the news got all and they said, aren't you proud of her son and i sat back to wait for her accolade one?he said, which chris: billy carter over jimmy carter. president bush often talked about how he got a similar
humility from his mother. >> she set i great example for us.of she said nobody likes a brag don't be bragging about yourself all the time. listen, don't talk all the time. other guygive the credit. chris: when we return, the sons and daughters of the baby boomers, some say they're lazy and entitled and the hope of our future.
chris: the under 30 crowd, generation y, are the children of the baby boomers and "time" magazine put it on the cover, the "me, me, me generation," entitled narcissists. "time" says all these years of trophies just for showing up you get a trophy in soccer, make these young people
the they're the center of universe. along the lines, there's a commencement speech by high school teacher david mccullough jr. that's gone viral. >> you're not special. you're not exceptional. contrary to what your unine soccer trophies suggest, your seventh grade report card, despite every assurance of the purple dinosaur and mr. rogers and aunt sylvia, you chris: what i'm reading about in "time" is that the people in 20's, now, can actually think when they join a big company like google, i'm going to dash off and email the c.e.o. we're all equals here. equality but also it's immediacy. anythingsed to getting they want whenever they want through new technology and social media so there's that emedeiacy but i also think it's interesting to consider that addition toion, in
maybe being lazy, it's also incredibly responsible. they're learning from the we all made. they're not buying houses they buyingfford, they're not cars, they're waiting to get married, they're carrying less selfso i find them to be reflective and aware of what's going on. chris: joe? generation consists of a lot of components. the component i have been , returning veterans from iraq and afghanistan and are special. chris: how are they distinguishing themselves their service from the mass group of people that didn't have the earned self confidence. i think it's the service and sacrifice aspects of it. they know how to govern. they know how serious life is and they are ideaiastistic. chris: our generation rebelled. i think we were right. but this generation, they don't anything to rebel against because they don't accept the notion of authority
to begin with. they rebel against the notion that the limits have been i have two kids who are 20-some things in this and they insist on optimism. they insist on the possibilities and as s.e. said, it's but it's also the way social media works there are no hierarchies. own hierarchy and some of the self involvement turns into the way they do business. is a brand, each is a celebrity. of ourty is the iron ore age, the raw material through which structures are built and it forerson has to do his or herself. it requires a self assertiveness we've trained them in and it turns out to be the way their world works and the way the future of commerce, the future of politics, the future of everything is going to run. senator,call everybody congressman, and i don't see people calling each other joe
and brad. how do you do that? how do you talk to people like that? >> i'm always struck by that. people do it with impunity. >> one thing i notice at is instead ofts looking at the president and thedated, they're look with phone taking the picture. they're not experiencing the moment. chris: when i see a light going you'rehe movie theater, paying $12 and somebody's doing something. went to therst huffington post, we would have young stafferse would be there with the laptops id the smartphones and realized that's not the way it works anymore. everybody is multitasking constantly and nobody is better at it than those kids.
are colorsay, they blind. i have two kids in this generation, as well and they are when can comes to sexual orientation. they just think that folks our who think -- chris:how did that happen? world. live in a virtual you see kids this age sitting next to each other on the couch each other so the world they live in. what have you seen on television and in our culture last 20 years, it's pure equality and i think that the -- chris: it's a simple fact of getting people together and the generation deserves credit for doing it. that's why these kids get along with each other because the generation said it's a better way to live. i'll take the trophy for that. return, scoops and predictions. tell me
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chris: let me ask you all to predict the same thing this week, on immigration, it's a big one. it pass this year, immigration reform bill, or next year, or neither? howard? so but i'mthink fascinated by what's turning between marco rubio and ted cruz. chris: you want to watch that bout. kelly? of progress but it seems like a hard reach to get it done. problem?e house is the >> yes. >> i think we'll get something lessatered down and
consequential. be anwill there immigration that's not enforced? pass it or the republican party is toast in 2016. they have to pass it. boehner know that? >> he may know that but a lot of that.mbers do not know chris: so there may be a difference of interest here between the house members who in angloet re-elected districts and their overall party. >> that's true. chris: when we return, the big question of the week, half of live and theing us rest on
>> surveys tell tv executives only a third of viewers are onching most shows television live, the most on d.v.r. or demand. yourig question, what's
own viewing habit and is live dead? howard? >> live isn't dead for news. watch kelly and s.e. live at all times. chris: what a sweetheart. news is right. >> news is live. now netflix and on demand. >> we time shift everything in watch all oure favorite shows later but i will say an event like the night when the boston bombing, people wanted to watch it live. some popular shows, people want to talk about it as it's unfolding. broncho chase still works hard ball likes at 11:00 p.m. examples is the obvious of things people want to watch. i not only watch television on watch it on year's delay. i watched the whole first season "homeland" two years after it aired on a weekend and that's
the beauty. you binge. chris: you haven't talked about it, worriedabout about it week to week. you do it all at once. why netflix putting all 13 episodes of "house of cards" on for free, we happened a day and a half. chris: thanks for i great roundtable. howard fineman, kelly o'donnell, s.e. cupp and joe klein. that's the show. thanks for watching. so... [ gasps ]
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i'm diane dwyer. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. warriors fans taking a collective sigh of relief -- >> there's one, as the team p l pulled off the biggest win in years. >> it took a fourth comeback and overtime to come back. the series is now even at 2-2. >> there was too much to get in in a few minutes. >> seriously, guys, we're getting our money's worth out of the series. the warriors and spurs have played four games. 2 have gone to overtime, including today's thriller at oracle. we'll show you a snippet of game four. a star-studded